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Why we would LOVE your help………….

Hi, we are the Thomas family. A normal, happy, loving family………….. at least we used to be happy until…..

…………………We sadly learnt this month that our beloved home,  that our children had grown up in and  been brought home from hospital to as newborns, where they’d  sat and unwrapped their Christmas presents in, had been used as a drug farm by the tenants that we had rented it out to. And that our Insurance Company were unwilling to pay out………  things came crashing down around us.

(Read our full story here)

The damage has been so devastating for us as a family, in so many ways.

We had planned to move back to our beautiful home in the next few weeks, as my Husband Shaun had got a new job near to our home where our family are, it had been hard living so far away as Shaun works so hard repairing aircrafts, so I was naturally excited, how wrong could I have been.

(Read our full story here)

( Above is the damage caused to our electric supply, we currently have no electricity. )

The damage that has been caused has made it impossible to move back, it is so unsafe for our children especially our baby who is 7months. Sadly we are facing bankruptcy as the damages exceed £15,000 and due to having a new baby and other expenses we can’t afford the repairs without YOUR help.  ( visit our Facebook Page to watch the video of the damage caused…)

This is the sort of thing you read about, and I never in a million years thought it would happen to us, in OUR home, in my children’s bedrooms.  We’d trusted these people, I trusted them. They ruined our home, tore it appart infact which no care or thought what so ever, and tried to hide what they’d done in any way possible, like above for example with a mountain of toilet tissue.

If you have the kindness in your heart to make a donation to help repair our home and our lives, I would be eternally greatful.

A £1 , £2, £5  or £10 donation would be greatly recieved, anything you can spare.

if it were just me and Shaun I wouldn’t be asking, I just don’t want our three beautiful babies to loose their home that they love.

To each and every one of you, thank YOU so much, Katie , Shaun & Children.

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